Trailer with bells
Glöckchen - Schelle

Glöckchen - Schelle

ca. 2 - 5 days ca. 2 - 5 days (abroad may vary)
16,00 EUR

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Extension for the Wechelsystem

Extension for the exchange system - does not fit for Ultimate!

With this adapter the trailer can be extended with the Loveplug with change system. Thus, you can adjust the length of the trailer as needed optimally to the length of your skirts & dresses.
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Link chain f. Ultimate System

Link chain for the Ultimate System

This link chain with 2 x M4 thread of Loveplug Ultimate can with 2nd Bore are connected to a further Loveplug Ultimate, so that one-wa Ben arises. The chains are available in 3 lengths - 50 mm, 150 mm and 180 mm. At each end there is a connector for attachment to the M4 Ultimate - system.
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Link chain f. Ultimate System

Connection chain for the W system

With this link chain with 1 x M4 thread + 1 x threaded sleeve M3, the Loveplug W system can be connected to another Loveplug Ultimate, so that a Ben-wa arises. The chains are available in 3 lengths - 50 mm, 150 mm and 180 mm.

The 150mm and 180mm versions allow you to use a 2nd Loveplug Ultimate as AnalBall and connect it to the vaginally worn Loveplug W system, or you can wear it as a Ben-Wa Multi (1 x Ultimate).
The 180 mm version allows 2 Lopveplug Ultimate with only one hole so as to connect to the Ben-wa - Multi (Ultimate) can be worn.

An individual extension or reduction of the chain can be ordered here.
from 12,00 EUR
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