Love Ball

The loveball will give you pleasure for many years, because it is virtually indestructible. High quality stainless steel, polished and processed carefully ensures an extremely long life. It is available in stainless steel, polished gold or titanium nitride available with or without inner sphere.

The special design and functionality of this Erotiktoys have a special goal: to create desire, lust and desire to keep increasing.

There are several versions of the Loveplug

Loveplug Ultimate

The ideal version, even for beginners the Loveplug is Ultimate. This system is characterized by an optimized suspension of interchangeable trailer. With an adapter, the loveplug ultimate can also be equipped with all the fans that are offered for the Loveplug W system.

Loveplug W system

The Loveball W system is a further development of the Loveplug standard. He allowed already in 2008, the change of the trailer. The Loveball W system has a permanently mounted on the large ball, short chain with an M3 screw. At these short chain then the followers are screwed.