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Love ball, Loveballs

The loveballs in polished stainless steel is an absolute innovation of the market for Erotiktoys. Highest quality materials guarantee absolute hygiene and an unknown feeling. No comparison to the cost of goods in other stores, rubber, PVC or other plastics. Every woman knows the so-called "orgasm balls" (Geisha balls) made of inferior plastic, offered in the Internet and in live stores the adult industry. This "orgasm balls" to carry through the movement of 2 internal steel balls a certain charm to the sensitive nerves in the vagina. By many women, the movement of small balls inside but barely, or not perceived. On the contrary, the sensitive mucous membranes of the Vaginaltrackts are often irritated by the inferior plastic outgassing, chemicals!

Even the feeling "completed" to be created a special charm!

Offered here Love Plug is made of a stainless steel ball (A4 / A2), in which a stainless steel chain with one or two small balls attached to stainless steel. Since the Love plugin in the standard version is hollow and thus not overly difficult, it can be worn very well. A "slip out" is not to be feared by its low weight.

The version with the inner sphere is due to the higher weight noticeably more intense. The rotating inner sphere through a proprietary process intensifies the attraction even more noticeable. There is this high-quality stainless steel jewelry in 9 different sizes, with or without inner sphere about the ideal size for every woman, and the optimal comfort guaranteed. The love ball is hermetically sealed so that no liquids and no germs. The cleaning with a commercial brush under running warm water is thus very simple and effective.

The love ball will give you pleasure for many years, because it is virtually indestructible. High quality stainless steel, polished and processed carefully ensures an extremely long life. It is available in stainless steel, polished gold or titanium nitride available with or without inner sphere.

The special design and functionality of this Erotiktoys have a special goal: to create desire, lust and desire to keep increasing.

The love ball - including "Love Ball, Ben-wa, or geisha ball orgasm ball" called - can be worn anytime, anywhere. Very chic, the elegant look of stainless steel chain with attached serving as delate, if, for example, under the rock spots in between. As a kind of intimate jewelry without piercing, it makes sure to surprise the eye of the beholder. Even hotter is the sight, when a second chain attached with a decorative ball. Of course, also increases the appeal of the wearer by the light "massage" of the thigh. The decorative balls of light generated stringing click vibrations that are transmitted through the chains on the sensitive nerves of the female pudenda. This increases the appeal further.

The chain length is by default always about 100 mm. Add to that the diameter of the decorative balls, which can be chosen freely by you.

The Weight of Love plugs with internal ball depends on size and chosen followers such as:

34 mm Ø = 110 g - 40 mm Ø = 160 g - 42 mm Ø = 180 g - 45 mm Ø = 235 g - 48 mm Ø = 245 g

50 mm Ø = 260 g - 55 mm Ø = 280 g - 60 mm Ø = 380 g - 70 mm Ø = 450 g

Pelvic floor training with the Loveplug

The love ball is useful to help to train the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor training is an effective means for treating female urinary incontinence and anorgasmia. With the help of the Love Plugs, an intensive pelvic floor muscle training with high efficiency without tedious drills are performed. The vaginal muscles are strengthened and improved body feeling increases grace, power and charisma. By a properly angewndtes training improved not only the "vaginal awareness," but also the self-confidence. There is an interesting medical study on pelvic floor exercises!

Refer to page 28 of the displayed PDF document: pelvic floor training with geisha balls appeared in:

Psyche and Soma Sexual Medicine
Publisher and editor: AG Medical Tribune
by Dr. Sebastian Bach Shield
Edition November 2005

For more information on the topic at

Pelvic floor training

The hygiene

The hygienic properties of the love balls are to be regarded as ideal because this jewelry can be cleaned quite easily. With clear water, perhaps with a bit of commercial detergent or soap. A hand-washing-up brush or removed safely slight residue on the polished surface and between the chain links.

Stainless steel does not tend to start wear, and do not have a virtually unlimited life span.

Chain length

The length of the ornamental chains is an additional charge upon request arbitrary. 100 mm is the standard length of the chains. Only when AnalBall with 2 decorative balls, the Standartdlänge 115 mm.

If larger balls (final balls) attached to 25 or 30 mm Ø We provide these swing close to the labia, making an additional stimulus is applied.

When AnalBall the chain length is 100 mm here, too!

The Love Plug is available in different sizes!

The love ball with 40 - 45 mm Ø is the ideal plug for all normally built women. The versions with 48 - 55 mm diameter are recommended for women who have already given birth or are somewhat further. For individual anatomical characteristics of the love ball in is also available with 60 & 70 mm diameter. Women who have made very "close" can use the version with 34 mm dia.

The right size?

The love ball expands the vulva only briefly during insertion, since he at once - disappears inside the body - similar to using a tampon.

Please keep in mind that it is important in selecting the correct size on the anatomy of the wearer. Too small size selected, it can happen that you do not Loveplug can keep right and he might slip out. We recommend the love ball with 40 - 45 mm Ø all normally built women. Experience shows that are better built with more women in general, the sizes 45 and 50 mm, far more women built 55 mm dia. Very closely-built women - for example younger than 20, or Asian - we recommend the size of 34 mm diameter. The diversity of sizes ensures that every woman finds their optimal size. For more tips on finding the right size, see here and in our client references!


Please keep in mind that the effect of the active version (with inner sphere) the stronger, the greater the Loveplug is. In the smallest version with 34 mm the effect due to the low weight is not as strongly felt as in the larger versions. The effect increases in proportion with the size.
On the other hand, not every woman wearing large sizes because the individual anatomy sets the limits. So you choose the size wisely.

Exchange / Conversion

Since an exchange of used sanitary products is not possible, we offer a problem using the selected size of the conversion to a different size - at 25 € + shipping - depending on the model - for 15. Here we use the trailer (chains & ornamental / Graduation balls) of the return Love plugs for their new version. Love the plug itself, with its highly polished surface, can work without problems in 100% hygienic and totally clean without residue. With the change to a larger version will only add the surcharge. In this way the risk of buying the wrong is impossible.

The offered modification is possible only within 4 weeks of purchase, unless the love ball is not damaged or scratched.

The Love Plug-i with internal ball, made of stainless steel!

There is the Love plugin with an inside ball. This plug located in a love ball rolls when wearing soft and almost inaudible to bystanders. The wearer can feel the rotation of the solid stainless steel ball inside the love balls but when running and even more intense with movements such as dancing, sports or fitness. I think that this very noble love ball-i will be amazed by its wearers as well as it could have the normal, easier Loveplug. The more weight, just as the movement of the inner ball miss their effect. The intensity of this effect depends also on the willingness of women to engage in this erotic game, like the kind of movement. The love ball-i is completely exclusive to the company Biwi gefertigt.Äußerlich in Germany can not see the difference between the different versions. In the first hand falls on more importance. The rotation of the inner sphere, which is produced by a special construction is quite noticeable. Gently slide the stainless steel ball inside rotating love ball-i with every move and you can feel the slight vibrations from the rotating mass.

Love the plug in the Titannitridversion (TiN)

The love ball in TiN is also made of stainless steel, but coated in a special process with a golden shiny layer of titanium nitride. The result is a wonderful piece of jewelry that is hardly distinguished from real gold. To look like liquid gold, but many times more durable than a gold plating. This non-allergenic and 100% compatible organic. Of titanium nitride is virtually out of any danger, as it non-flammable, non-toxic and is also biocompatible. Titanium nitride is in accordance with EC directives not dangerous and does not require labeling. There may be no problem indefinitely in contact with the skin and is therefore used in the medical field for implants, pacemakers and similar biological applications. The extreme hardness greater than that of chromium or stainless steel and is located between the hardness of corundum and diamond. There are no known allergic reactions that can be caused by this substance. The anti-allergic protection functions (barrier effect) of titanium nitride coating protects even people with pre-existing allergy to nickel, chromium, cobalt, etc. So is wearing this jewelry for allergy sufferers no problem. For reasons of durability and because of the noble optics can be coated including eyeglass frames, watches, and jewelry with titanium nitride. Our partner in the coating is a prestigious company verified for jewelry and medical products. His experience ensures consistently good quality.


However, titanium nitride reacts sensitively to hydrogen peroxide and bleach, for example, found in detergents for dishwashers use. It is therefore not advisable to cleaning in the dishwasher or the use of bleaching agents, so that the coating is not attacked. For cleaning a dishwasher or hand brush under warm running water and a dishwashing detergent Pril as the coating does not and keeps your Love Plug in a gentle kind of germs.

The classic!

Love the plug without inner sphere. This love ball is hollow, relatively light and visually indistinguishable from the love ball with internal ball. The winner will be filled in a pleasant and stimulating way and feel no movement at kinetic energy. This version can be worn anytime, anywhere, without that it leads to over-stimulation. Even after hours it is not annoying, but reminds the wearer at any time because she is wearing something special in itself. The slight click of the ornamental beads and the resultant fine vibration and the stroking of the chains fall short at the thighs not their effect.

Under skirts and dresses, especially when worn without a slip, may be felt depending on the internal setting very intense.

Love balls  are all offered in many designs and in diameters of 34 - Available 70 mm diameter with 1 or 2 decorative chains and various ornamental ball sizes. All completely made from stainless steel to last forever under normal use virtually indestructible!

Information about the love plug and choosing the right size!

Of course, this information is available free of charge. However, if you need all this information and tips in writing, you can either print them yourself or order for a nominal fee of 2 € plus shipping costs of 4.90 €.

For reasons of cost, we recommend that you print out the information yourself or contact us in advance by calling +49 (0) 2102-871832!
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