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Piercing trailer - Kopie

Y-trailer for piercing rings

This particular shape is unique on the Piercinmarkt. Ideal as an upgrade of her nipples or Intimpiercings. These pendants are made of stainless steel and available in stainless steel silver or TiN gold versions.

from 28,00 EUR
Ben-wa Ultimate

Ben-wa Ultimate

Ben-wa Ultimate consists of 2 individual balls of the Ultimate system and is similar to the classic Ben-wa. Both balls are connected to a long chain of about 180 mm Ultimate system. Thus it can be divided and both balls can also be used individually with the followers of the Ultimate system as Loveball.
from 149,00 EUR
AnalBall - Bingo  passiv or with inner sphere - Kopie

AnalBall - Bingo, with or without inner sphere

The development of our products in the field of sex toys has brought forth a new form. Here perfect fit and comfort are combined. Exercise and worn even under pants, it is virtually invisible.
Equipped with a perfectly matched to this shape stainless steel ball from our range of Loveplug and AnalBallserie. Available in 10 sizes, alone in 8 sizes, equipped as a hollow sphere or active with internal ball. You can personalize the 40 mm long bracket (10 mm Ø) with the two 15 mm end balls move through individually.

This design is the anatomical needs of women as well as fair as it also the "little difference" into account in men.
An intensive wear in the version with internal ball.
The AnalBall Bingo is for cleaning without the use of tools completely dismantled. Each item is interchangeable. Thus balls can be used in all sizes. The two end balls can be exchanged for other sizes.
Available only in stainless steel!
from 86,00 EUR
Butt Plug, solid

Butt Plug - metal, solid

Anal Butt Plug with crystal in different colors for anal stimulation.

An erotic toy jewelry with character. The butt plug is made of chromed stainless metal. The surface is extremely durable yet very soft. If he anus, he takes a short time to the body temperature. It stimulates the often neglected and yet very empfindsamem zones in and around the anus, such as the prostate.

It is easy to introduce its ideal form and through the material a comfortable fit is guaranteed. Also, the appearance is not too short. The butt plug is impressive not only through its appearance, the surface is insensitive. In addition, stainless metal is very easy to clean: simply rinse after use with warm water - already he is ready for the next sensual utilization.

Two sizes are available:

The size( W x L) and weight of the butt plug is approx .: 28 x 70 mm = 50 g and 35 x 83 mm = 91 g

Additional Information!
from 19,90 EUR
Cockring, eliptisch

Stainless steel cockring (elliptical)

This cockring is made of high quality stainless steel and polished. They are available in 5 different sizes. The width is 8 mm, the height 15 mm (measured horizontally) the weight is 100 - 145 g. The version with 50 mm diameter weighs about 130 g.

Please select the appropriate size:

from 32,00 EUR
Glöckchen - Schelle

Bell - bell Ultimate System

The trailer with bells is a first for The chain (100 mm), which connects the Love plugin with the trailer, is making sure that the bell swings freely and accompanies each step with the sound of an angel. Available as a stainless steel version of the trailer as well as in TiN-Gold. (Ø = 18 mm, 21 mm, 26 mm)

Shown is the stainless steel version!
from 16,00 EUR


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