References of our customers, of course anonymized!

Here you can read about the experience of our customers with the products of the company BiWie.

And here are some pictures provided by friendly customers.

A customer from the USA writes

The best love toy ever!!! The quality is a very high standard. All parts are stainless steel and our oldest #Loveball is over 10 years old and looks nearly new. ???????????? If you are an exhibitionist woman and like to be filled out and if you like the attention without underwear in public - try it out! It's a little bit difficult to find the matching size in the beginning but if you have found and the #loveplug stays save in place you will smile the whole time..... ????????????????

My new friend (Microstring 50 mm)

Hello BiWie, yesterday came the ordered Microstring with me. I was already halfway to work, so quickly turned around again, received packet, unpacked and put on. Great, fit well right off the bat. Hmm, so I thought, wow I let it directly and can test the same time as he feels while cycling and working. If it does not fit or is uncomfortable, I can remove it again. So I started walking.
I can tell you, I now experienced a true game of unlimited sensations, lust and tingling. Totally fascinated and excited, I cycled up and down asphalt, roots, rocks and curbs. I think I've never had such a rapt look while cycling.
I ordered the MS with inner ball and that's really awesome, I could feel so exactly how this inner ball moves differently with the different impulses. As a result, the entire pelvic zone is finely diced in different intensities. My love juices were so much stimulated that I was glad when working to have change clothes with me.

Just awesome.

Thanks to the creators of this wonderful toy, it should be able to wear every woman and to have this experience. I even wish you men could feel this sensation explosion. So, therefore, surprise your women with this great part, they will thank you truly.
And also to you women who do not have MS, I can only recommend it to you.
By the way, now I'm going to run in the forest, with MS of course, hopefully the forest workers are holding out .... smiley

Wish you a wonderful, tingling day, Christa

Loveplug W-System 55 mm Ø

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of BiWie!
I would like to thank again very much that everything worked so well with the delivery! I can only say positive to the balls are very comfortable to wear. Of course I will recommend your shop.
Best regards, Elfriede

AnalBall Duo, two balls 35mm solid, end ball 30 mm

Love BiWie's, absolute top quality! The two heavy balls sit like a glove. A wonderful feeling! The graduation ball nestles wonderfully on the anus. Man (s) can sit comfortably. Pure erotic! I do not want to take it out anymore. Certainly not my last order.

Lothar M.

Loveplug Ultimate 60 mm Ø

I was presented with this wonderful love ball as a surprise gift and before I could think, I already had it in me. What an indescribable feeling, how the ball filled me and made my feelings even stronger. I already had normal silicone love balls, but that's no comparison at all. I can only recommend to anyone: Dare to choose the right size and test it in peace, then you will be amazed. My sweetheart has also integrated into the love game, what feelings have flowed through me, I did not know that there are still such increases.
I just have to be careful that I do not wear it too long, because at first I had a sore muscles. But that's good for the pelvic floor. ;-)
This is my honest experience, try it and enjoy it.

M. Roser

Loveplug Ultimate 55 mm Ø and Microstring 55 mm Ø

Finally, I found the sex toy that I would call the ultimate, after (we) have - thank God - tried out little plastic. I do not like to call it a toy because it's much more than that.
It's about pure relaxation that comes after the peak reached. It's about many hours in which the anticipation of this climax - no matter whether with my husband or alone, because he is often on longer business trips - sweetens the housework, animated the necessary walk, because it's just a super cool feeling, with the oscillating balls (now several of stainless steel with different "ingredients") filling out and running, sometimes hopping a bit in the unseen moment, unseen because I'm a bit older by now and maybe neighbors it could find weird.
Incidentally, a glimmer of hope for the age for the younger ladies: From the menopause, it brings so much fun: Since there is no risk of pregnancy, which gives me an insane sense of freedom. Freedom is also to introduce me the stainless steel balls and soon also the - first - small butt plug with the pretty crystal at the end. What are those feelings! It's just amazing! If I move, it is even more beautiful.
Maybe some tips for newcomers: Take the bullets, which just now, maybe even with a small overcoming, fit into the vagina. The feelings afterwards are intoxicating. Someone described it with a little "ah" and then into it all. It also gives me a great feeling of being able to carry that good quality in me, somehow still boosting self-esteem. Immediately I am wearing the thong for the first time. With the hard hanger you can wonderfully with a slow light, but constant pressure push in a larger ball. Right now I'm sitting on the string while writing, its front ball pressing on the clitoris. You can hardly imagine what that feeling is. I want my husband to take me from behind, but unfortunately he is not there right now.
You see, the imagination is also stimulated, and that's just wonderful.

It's a pity that I've come across these fantastic things only now. I feel like wearing them every day, which is unfortunately not the case for professional reasons. Right now I will take a walk with the Microstring for the first time and am really looking forward to it.
Nice is just the relaxation in the whole thing: any trouble, with whatever things, loses in importance, because I focus on myself completely or looking forward to my husband, who in turn is thrilled with my new dedication. I used to let him get started first. Now I am the one who urges him to penetrate me, whereby I feel either directly by wearing the balls or just because of the thoughts of it really feel pleasure and also wet, despite the menopause and the muscles have been strengthened again , which in turn pleases my sweetheart.

Maybe one more tip for the ladies: just have the courage to surprise your husband with it. He will enjoy it. They will both be able to live their new openness if they have not done so before.
Thank you to the company Wienand!
And: This text is written by myself, no promotional text of the company, I am not related and friends with the company BiWie.
By the way, today I ordered the little butt plug and two big Ben-wa balls. I just want to treat myself to my self-earned money. The change I find also very beautiful and enriching for my / our love life.

Another small supplement:

My walk was short, because it started raining terribly, but the thong is the hottest thing I've ever worn. The vibration created by the inside ball in the ball is transmitted so intensely even on easy walking Temple of the string that it is really intense to feel. This is the culmination of the great things that you can buy. I can not imagine how this can be topped.

Bettina Reese

Loveplug Ultimate 48 mm Ø with 1 x 10 mm

Hello Mrs. Wienand, now some time has passed and we can share our experiences. There are, so to speak, two testimonials. Once by myself as a wearer and then a report from my husband's point of view.
Julia writes:

The idea of ​​buying a love ball actually came up (I read about it in Shades of Gray, I did not know it at all before and therefore did a bit of research) to train my pelvic floor muscles. After two children and terrible laziness on my part, I found that hard to do, although I have no problems with that. But I do not want to get it. Of course, I also had a certain lustful stimulation in mind, but the training of the pelvic floor muscles was personally in the foreground for me.

We googled and considered for a long time and ended up on your side. Personally, this was exactly what I imagined in terms of material, hygiene and application. It was soon clear, it was supposed to be a bullet. For a long time we pondered the size and I admit, when the bullet arrived and I had the weight right in the hand, I was a little scared. But that was completely unfounded, everything fits perfectly and I can easily hold it. Also, the introduction is not an issue. It is very pleasant to warm the metal beforehand. I carry my ball daily (except, of course, during the period). Initially only half a day, but now also the whole day. And the charm is incredible. A mild excitement over the whole day, which you can follow, but not necessarily, if it does not fit or the mood is not there. I feel very good about it. The soft tinkling taking outsiders was not further, it is also covered by the everyday noises. But I just know something the others do not know. ;-) Overall, it enriched our love life in any case, although that was not bad before, and we are glad we decided to do it. Unfortunately I was always a bit too dry in the past, that has now completely changed.

It was a little bit tricky to hold the ball while doing your little business. On the first try, she flopped me smoothly in the toilet. Good that the bowl now has no jump. ;-) After this experience, I took it out every time. But that was too time-consuming for me and I tried again, first holding on to the chain and now it works out that way. Problems.

Well, and now we are already considering whether to buy a second ball with 2 holes as an extension. But we are not sure yet about the size.

Ulrich writes:

When my wife and I talked about "maybe" buying a love ball, I went on the net and found out relatively quickly that I was at the limit of my ability to make decisions in the abundance of offerings, materials and size. After mutual consultation, my wife came across your website, which answered us all questions in a comprehensive and very personal way (not least through the reports of the users).

I am very glad that we have decided on the product of yours and not for a variant of mass production. When I opened the package with my wife, I was very surprised at the actual size and weight, but in the end I consider it an ideal choice and I am sure that a smaller ball or even a "plastic product" will not begin the results we wanted.

The combination of health precaution and stimulating side effect makes the thing with the ball so interesting. Just in a long-standing marriage, the application of the ball has brought us a refreshing togetherness. The fact that my wife has the ball in everyday use, it comes back to situations every day again and again, which gives her a slight excitement, which I like to engage as a man and it is thus much more often to loving gestures and touches than before.

In the sexual field, there are a lot of attractive possibilities with a ball and a chain, which I would not want to continue here, as they should try out and experience each pair myself. I can only say: it's worth it! For the use of the ball during sex, we currently consider an extension to another, possibly slightly smaller ball in combination into consideration. This certainly gives many more exciting moments. It's Christmas soon ... ;-)

Julia & Ulrich

Loveplug Ultimate 40 mm Ø with 2 x 10 mm

Dear Birgit, the bullet is the absolute hammer, one wonders how it was done before WITHOUT. A perfect model. I am glad that I have taken the 40mm, because it increases the wearing comfort as opposed to 34-36mm. Will definitely recommend you to others. Keep up the good work and see you soon.

Greetings Sabine

Loveplug Ultimate 42 mm Ø with 2 x 12 mm

At first a bit skeptical about the Christmas surprise of my husband, I enjoy the love plug with inner ball (42mm) and the two pendants, as often as possible. (Also in the job) The pleasant vibrations caused by the rotating inner ball sometimes excite me so much that I have to lend a hand myself and can not wait to get home. A positive side effect for me is the training of my intimate muscles.

My personal conclusion from it! An all-round successful product worth every penny you pay for it.


Loveplug Ultimate 45 mm Ø with 2 x 12 mm

Dear Mrs. Wienand, thank you for the fast shipping of the new Loveplug Ultimate. This is now the 3rd in the league, because we still have a love plug standard in 40 mm and a love plug with changing system with 42 mm diameter. The reason for the new order was the desire for an increase in stimulus factor and the noise attenuation, as my wife wants to wear the Loveplug at work. The enlargement to 45 mm is no problem, it fits well and can be introduced without pain.

As a technically savvy person I understood the system changes introduced under and in the shop, but I could not really imagine the new shutter. Since they send the love plug assembled, the new version looks visually almost unchanged at first glance. My attempt to separate the chains of love plug succeeded with little effort and I had ball and pendant in hand.

Yes, now it became obvious what was changed. The sleeve is now no longer glued, or provided with a visible seal and it stands out easily. Optimally fitted and very well thought out the new system. And you can now completely separate the love plug from the trailer. The best is the noise reduction. The inner ball rolls completely free and very noticeable, but very soft and quiet. We are excited!

It is very nice that we can continue to use the old tags with the adapter!

On Friday, my wife was in the office for the first time with the new jewelry. When we talked on the phone at noon, she told me that she felt irrepressible pleasure and would be very much looking forward to the closing time ..!

Thank you for the optimized, noise-damped version, which my wife can now wear without any worries at work.

Paili P.

Loveplug-Wi 50 mm Ø with 2 x 10 mm decorative balls titanium nitride

Dear Mrs Wienand, thanks again for your kindness and patience with which you have advised me. I am very happy with my Loveplug and I will gladly recommend the company BiWie. I can only advise your customers to always seek personal advice from you in order to save bad purchases, time and money.

Sincerely, H.

Micro-String 40 mm Ø, stainless steel

Good morning BiWie, at the weekend, the new MS was used for the first time. The stimulation is compared to the previously used LP much more intense, the comfort is also good. We will certainly have a lot of fun with the new toy.

Thank you and happy days.

steffi & martin

Loveplug-Wi 55 mm Ø with 2 x 15 mm decorative balls titanium nitride

Hello dear BiWie team, yesterday it was finally time and your shipment (LP55-Wi) arrived. Our anticipation was not only fulfilled, but far exceeded. The LP is fully in line with your description, it already prepares us a lot of fun and is very comfortable to wear.

To all who were involved in our delivery, we would like to say a very warm THANK YOU for:

- first-class advice incl. callback outside normal business hours)
- exemplary email communication when ordering => great customer service
- very nice reminder mail (since we had forgotten the transfer)
- correct description of the article
- impeccable business transaction
- prompt delivery
- faultless goods
- absolutely justified price / performance ratio

In the future, we will probably hear from each other more often and do more business with each other. You can be sure that we will recommend you and your products to friends and acquaintances.

Loveplug-i 55 mm Ø with 2 x 15 mm decorative balls titanium nitride

Dear BiWie team, thank you for the super fast delivery of my Loveplug's in advance. Actually, we wanted to unpack him together, but then the curiosity was just too big. Even before my sweetheart came home from work, I had unpacked it. He looks very noble and immediately impressed by the solid quality workmanship. At first I was a bit surprised by the weight. Immediately I wanted to feel it and was amazed how easily he slipped into me and how well and easily I could hold and wear it despite the size and weight. I felt the inner ball and had difficulty with the housework continue. Only after I had enjoyed 1.5h this excitingly horny feeling, I confessed - with Loveplug in me - my curiosity my treasure by telephone. The bright clicking of the 15 mm decorative beads between my thighs brought him something out of the ordinary at the other end of the telephone line.
While walking, this quiet clicker creates an enormous erotic tension in both of us, especially since only insiders know and know how to interpret it. The chains provide an extra very pleasant, motion-dependent stimulation on my labia and the balls reinforce this attraction when I'm out and about without panties touching my thighs.
On the second evening we then dare to do it with the love plug in me. We had some reservations at first, but the intrusion and everything else was just phenomenal. "He" was thrilled with the feeling of the chain in me and we both felt with each thrust this indescribable vibration of the inner ball together. However, when "He" plays with the balls and the chains during foreplay and they come to my clit and my clitoral foreskin piercing (VCH), I almost explode with pleasure almost instantly.
I have been wearing the Loveplug regularly for 3 weeks now, sometimes for several hours a day, and also had some sore muscles on never-before felt muscles. After these 3 weeks, we already believe to feel an invigoration of my pelvic floor. We are curious how it will work after only 3 months of "training".
Finally, we are just a little sad that we have not come much earlier to the Loveplug. We are both excited about the Loveplug-i 55 mm Ø with 2 x 15 mm decorative balls in titanium nitride, do not want to miss it any more and are just thinking about whether we would like another Loveplug- i 50 mm Ø with short chain and 34 mm Ø graduation ball with inside ball in titanium nitride grow !?

Greetings from Lower Saxony A. & P.

AnalBall-i 40 mm Ø with 1 x 10 mm decorative balls

Hello dear Biwi team, also from my side, many thanks for the quick and correct processing.

So my first impression was just WOW. My ideas were far exceeded. Just the feeling of holding the anal ball in hand was stunning. It is no comparison to the known Loveballs from the other manufacturers. If only I had found your products earlier then you would have saved yourself a few Euros. It is also no problem to carry the ball over several hours. Just great wearing. For the processing one can give a smooth 1 +. The cleaning is not a problem and still a very important aspect, the ball takes no odors.

For my wife, I would like to order the LovePlug-i 45 mm Ø with inner ball, 2 chain & decorative ball 10 mm Ø.

Greeting M. Jo ...

Loveplug-i 50 mm Ø with 2 x 12 mm decorative balls

Dear Mrs Wienand, first of all thank you for the beautiful part. When my friend told me about it, I did not really know if that was for me. But when he gave me the noble jewelry at our meeting, I was blown away. At first I was very shocked by the size. I thought the thing I do not get in my pussy. But it went pretty well, but hurt a little at the first insertion. The feeling is overwhelming. We had wonderful sex right after the ball ... I literally exploded. Now I'm really addicted to wearing the Loveplug.
My friend says I need to work out a bit because my pelvic floor does not seem to be the same anymore. I already have two children. The Loveplug ensures sure for a good pelvic floor training with me. I would like to wear this ball every day, because it is a crazy feeling and that makes my partner happy too. He loves it when I wear her.

Best regards B. W.

Loveplug-i 50 mm Ø with 2 x 15 mm decorative balls

Dear Ms Wienand, the Loveplug has now arrived at my place (by the way, worked super smoothly and quickly) and I must say, when I first held him in the hand, I was surprised how hard he is! But I was curious and tried it right away! : -0
I was amazed how "easy" he was in me !!! He has filled me and the beads that are audible to me very softly have totally turned me on! From the beginning I was totally excited and I love my love plug. Now I sometimes even wear it in the office ...! The work is so much fun !! When driving I find it particularly tingling, when the inner ball vibrates so beautiful! Thank you for this great gem !!

Many greetings P. M.

Loveplug-i 45 mm Ø with 2 x 12 mm decorative balls

Dear Mrs Wienand,

First of all, I want to thank you for the fast delivery of my toy. No sooner had the postman delivered the parcel than the love plug had disappeared. Shortly thereafter, I went out with my daughter from the house and it was a wonderful feeling to be so filled. So I can only recommend the Loveplug. Because it is an insane feeling to know that you are running around with a "sex toy" and nobody knows it. Especially if you feel really happy and satisfied by the vibration of the inner ball and the others think that you are just so happy. But it is a little piece of luck that you carry in yourself. Now I'm just curious about the reaction of my husband. I have not told him that I have taken a little luck. But the reaction alone, when I told him about the Loveplug and showed him on the internet, suggests a happy reaction. Anyway, I'm very happy and I think my loveplug will not hear much of this world as it stays hidden in my hands (except my husband claims his place).

Loveplug-i 42 mm Ø with 2 x 12 mm decorative balls

Hello Mrs. Wienand, about three months ago, I ordered a stainless steel Loveplug-i with 42cm diameter, 2 chains with 12 decorative balls for you. Thank you once that the shipping has worked so quickly, so I could take the Loveplug on our vacation and surprise my girlfriend there. And the surprise was a success. She was a bit skeptical at first, because she had never used a love plug, but then also curious to find out what it feels like.
One evening my girlfriend surprised me, because when we were at dinner and we were at the buffet, she briefly lifted her skirt and I could see the ornamental balls. It was a crazy sight. Again and again she briefly opened her legs so that I could see the balls. It was extremely cool. While still eating, she took my hand and led her between her legs and I could tell she was very wet. She was also very upset by the love plug and she told me that she never thought the "so good" would do it.
Without going into details, but the sex that had to follow naturally this evening, was very nice and my girlfriend said that her orgasm was very intense.

But it gets even better:
Since the holiday my girlfriend wears the love plug about 2-3 times a week. And this has her muscles in the vaginal area significantly strengthened - I can confirm !!!. But she is not that she has to hold the love plug so he does not slip out, she rather means that the inner ball trains the muscles automatically. Several times she also had an orgasm almost by wearing it - only a little extra stimulation was needed
And yesterday something happened and that's why I'm writing today:
She wore the love plug again and was very excited. Then we had sex and for the first time she ejaculated at orgasm. I always thought that was a fairytale, but it was clear.
And my girlfriend told me today that yesterday's orgasm was the best she has ever experienced.
Therefore many thanks - for us the investment was very worthwhile.

Best regards, Thomas

Loveplug-i 42 mm Ø with 2 x 12 mm decorative balls

Dear Mrs Wienand, today I would like to send you feedback on the LP i34 with 10 balls. I'm glad to have this beautiful piece of jewelery and wear it for 4 weeks continuously, apart from cleaning several times a day. After a short settling time of about two weeks, that was completely unproblematic. The size 34 makes no problems when inserting or holding. Thank you for your beautiful products, the good advice and the great service. Keep it up.

Best regards, B. Müller

Loveplug-i 50 mm Ø with 2 x 20 mm decorative balls

Dear Biwie team, first of all thank you for the really smooth process of ordering, payment and delivery. For 10 days now I am the proud owner of this fantastic toy.
The Loveplug-i 50mm and 2 x 20mm decorative balls in titanium nitride was a huge surprise from my sweetheart, who knew nothing about it. When he handed me the package, I was very curious what it would be. When unpacking the Loveplug I was excited to hold this really nice, successful love toy in my hands.

The size surprised me a little at first, but it was not a problem to introduce the ball. The BiWie jewelry felt very comfortable when first worn.

It's a great feeling to know, you carry something that the environment does not know. In addition there is the clacking of the two 20 mm beads. Alone this not everyday noise makes my treasure crazy.
The special attraction is the feeling of slightly vibrating balls when walking and making movements that are not always controllable. Often comes a surprising very good feeling, which causes me and in me a slight rapture.
But it also has a special charm and kick to "pop" with the balls, because here is the partner in the enjoyment of the vibrations, and you can feel depending on the "location" the balls more or less intense. If it is very quiet you can even hear the click of the inner ball !! Just great and g ... ..

My darling and I are already sure that it was not your last order. (I already flirt with a 60 or 70 mm Loveplug)

Greetings from Bavaria, Christa

Loveplug-i 50 mm Ø with 50 mm chain (for pelvic floor training)

Love Biwie`s! Thank you for the quick dispatch and the beautiful bag ... Now the ball has a home in the home, because I had bought over a year ago, almost as a promise for myself, a nice little wooden chest as a container for the Loveplug. Now he lies on the red velvet bag in the chest when he does that.
Visually, I liked it immediately, the size seemed to me just right and the 5 cm chain with the small eyelet seemed to me as petite, as I had wished. The first impression.
Well, the introduction was not difficult, the ball was preheated at the tap - a great feeling of heat. The gravity I found unusual, but great. Only hitting the inner ball in normal movements, as I otherwise did, sometimes made me believe in a rugby game inside me. I adjusted the ball quickly, moving a little more smoothly, so that the rotation of the ball remains comfortable. On the one hand, it always slips behind the pubic bone, so it never rubs on the labia or the vaginal entrance - but sometimes it's a feat, with long fingers, to grab the chain to retrieve, because the bullet disappears very far in me , Approximately I remove them twice a day, otherwise I wear them essentially day and night - about 4 out of 5 days. Biking and all other activities remain without side effects.
My pelvic floor feeling has already changed a lot. Just as I had rather the feeling of an inner balloon since my childbirth, which only closes at the entrance of the vagina, so now I can finally feel the vaginal walls again as touching and more like a tube closing.
I'm really happy about that because of the confinement I had to ask myself every now and then, if I am actually still ...
All in all, I am very satisfied and grateful that I have finally realized my long-cherished wish.

Thank you and all the best!

Best regards from Kristiane P.

Loveplug-i 60 mm Ø + 4 x 15 mm decorative ball (TiN gold)

Hello Mrs. Birgit Wienand! The LovePlug is the best we have experienced so far. Thank you very much for the super fast shipment, the trouble-free handling and for the really nice and technically high quality advice.

Of course I was very curious what my wife would say to this surprise. The result was great. Everything was as agreed. We had gone for a walk and when we got back to the house, the post bus came. Since I expected that your great package is there, I stayed under an excuse outside and could take the package in receipt. When I finally gave it to my wife, she took the package in her hand and, you do not believe it: "Aha, you give me new balls"! I was flat for the first time but of course I was really looking forward to the look of your product and if my wife could even record such a big ball with 60 mm.

She can! I did not get to see the ball. As soon as she was unpacked, she was already gone, and my wife's expression was worth a thousand words. Until the next morning this ball was gone, my sweetheart got a great orgasm and I was excited about away. After breakfast the next morning I was finally allowed to examine the new toy extensively and what else is listening to it. In the next few days the new ball was the constant companion of my great wife and we both had a lot of fun with it. Often she wears her all night, even while walking.

As I said, it's really a great part and we can only recommend it to every woman and every couple. Fun, erotic, stimulation is guaranteed. And looks great to stockings and boots and the beautiful clacking gives an anticipation that is unparalleled.

We will certainly order more balls, but then we think so at 70 mm. Do not be afraid of size!

Best wishes and a healthy, successful and exciting New Year to you Marta and Pit

BiWie answers:

Dear Marta, dear Pit, we are very happy that this special edition gives you both so much pleasure. We wish you a happy New Year as well, with lots of fun, good health and the tingling sensation that seems to be spreading all lovers of Love.

AnalBall, solid 30 mm Ø + 2 x 10 mm decorative ball

Dear Mrs. Wienand, i wore my 30mm anal ball yesterday for the first time. Wow, was really a great kick. The first introduction was not a problem with a bit of patience and I have had it "in" for more than 4 hours. Has caused me, as well as my partner, very good Ooooh feelings. With me, when walking on the thighs and also in traffic a great "kick" through the beads on the testicles. Mhmmm. My partner was also able to feel this kick of the beads in some positions, which brought her up.

Conclusion: That was a really good investment. Thank you, I'll wear the ball more often "alone" or even "at it". Has something !!!

Greetings L

Loveplug-i 42 mm Ø + 2 x 12 mm decorative ball

Dear Sirs and Madames, would like to praise you for your goods as well as for the handling of my order. My wife is thrilled with the loveplug. She immediately disposed of all her "predecessors" because her model showed her the effect she had hoped for from such a piece of jewelry for the first time. I should, according to her words after the first hour of wearing time, assume that, as Christmas is coming, she would probably make on her wish list or one or the other addendum from your program.

Well, for me one less concern in the area of Christmas gifts, and a plus in the area of erotic fantasies. So we all have something of it.

Best regards, H. M.