Special Editions

Here you will find special models or custom-made products. There may be an extended delivery time for some models.

AnalBall big

AnalBall-i to be particularly heavy model

We offer the AnalBall with large diameters for the more intense anal stimulation also with greater weight. The sizes 60 - 70 mm are also available as a particularly heavy version with a massive, enlarged internal ball. Standard, the AnalBall with a chain and 10 mm decorative ball is delivered.

Since the movement of the inner sphere by the heavy weight can be seen particularly intense, it is in the AnalBall-i here only as a special version.
from 209,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
AnalBall-Bingo II

AnalBall - Bingo II, with or without inner sphere

A gem of an erotic quality stainless steel with a new, curved temple!
The new curved bow is a further development of our proven AnalBall bingo. The new, massive, curved temple an even better fit and therefore increased comfort is achieved. The shape of a bent T-strap allows woman & man to wear the AnalBall more inconspicuous and with increased convenience. Even when sitting this form exerts less pressure on the perineum. You can personalize the 80 mm long bracket (10 mm Ø) by moving individually.

Equipped with a perfectly matched to this shape stainless steel ball from our range of Loveplug and AnalBallserie. Available in 3 sizes.

This new design is the anatomical needs of women as well as fair as it also the "little difference" into account in men.  The AnalBall Bingo is for cleaning without the use of tools completely dismantled. Each item is interchangeable. Thus balls can be used in all sizes.
Available only in stainless steel!
from 229,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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