Velvet pouch

Storage boxes and storage pouch

Here we offer you storage boxes made of wood & plastic, such as a carrying bag to choose from.
set screws

Velvet bag in 3 sizes

The pictured velvet bag we put with each order of a Loveplug or AnalBall for free. It is ideal as a transport container for the road. So you have in your handbag always an optimal storage place for the love plug, in which it is protected from scratches. Here you can order single velvet bags in 3 different sizes. The color is black or burgundy.
from 1,80 EUR
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Gift Packaging

Wooden chest as - Gift Packaging

As requested by many customers, we now offer an elegant gift packaging in the form of a wooden chest (Size M) for all Loveballs and Analballs up to a diameter of 50 mm. Therefore they can offer a choice as a gift in a jewelry box with real wood Loveplug her cheeks now.

The quantity S is the smaller version of the jewelry box. It is ideal for the storage of trailers or other small parts that are no higher than 20 mm.
The actual size M for all types of jewelry or Loveballs with up to 50 mm diameter. A micro string does not fit in here!
In the future we will also offer a gift wrapping size L. Then this is also for the great Loveballs, Analballs and for the Micro string.
from 9,90 EUR
incl. 16% tax
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