end balls
End balls

End balls

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AnalBall - Bingo, with solid ball

AnalBall - Bingo, with solid ball

A gem of an erotic quality stainless steel.

The development of our products in the erotic toys has spawned a new form. This perfect fit and comfort are combined. The shape of a T-bar allows women and men alike, the use of this stimulating Analtoys. Worn with the move and even under pants, it is virtually invisible. Naturally, the 40 mm long bar (10 mm diameter) with the two 15 mm end balls move through individually.
from 56,00 EUR
Extended sleeves


Extended sleeve for micro string / AnalBall Bingo

There are extended sleeves for micro string or AnalBall bingo.
For the micro string / AnalBall bingo belonging sleeves are fitted about 33 mm long. In 95% of all women fit this length and leads to a good fit of the Micro strings. Only in a few cases, women need longer sleeves because they feed the micro string deeper and thus it comes to smears on comfort. For these special cases, we now have in hand work make long sleeves along with eyebolts.
There are now as an option sleeves along with matching eye screws in 3 lengths:

33 mm, 37 mm, 40 mm.

If the micro string does not fit with your wife, it is possible to exchange at an extra charge of 19 a prolonged sleeve against the original sleeve, or here purchase these separately. The price is so high because these extended sleeves are made individually by hand.
Available in stainless steel or gold titanium nitride coated.
The price is for the set sleeve / screw eye!
from 29,90 EUR
Piercing trailer - Kopie

Y-trailer for piercing rings

This particular shape is unique on the Piercinmarkt. Ideal as an upgrade of her nipples or Intimpiercings. These pendants are made of stainless steel and available in stainless steel silver or TiN gold versions.

from 28,00 EUR