end balls
End balls

End balls

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Dildo Ball

Dildo ball from high-grade steel, consisting of 4 balls with 30 mm of diameter and a ball at the head with 25 mm of diameter.
89,00 EUR
Secount worm
We provide on request the massive balls of AnalBall-Bingo or AnalKnochen with 20 - 35 mm diameter with a second thread. The second thread is opposite from the first thread, so you can use it to cascade multiple balls. A suitable screw is included.
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Sondermodell extra short Ultimate System

Extra short trailer with 1 x 15 to 1 x 30 mm ball

Extra short trailer, consisting of an approximately 20 - 45 mm short chain with a 15 - 30 mm wide decorative ball for the Ultimate System. An individual chain extension in increments of about 3.3 mm change in length ( max. 20 mm) at an additional cost of 4 € .

The second Picture shows the pendant short with about 20 mm long chains on a 20 mm decorative ball in the TiN gold version. Please note that more than 50 % of all women benötgen a chain length of at least 25 mm.
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AnalBall - Bingo, with solid ball

AnalBall - Bingo, with solid ball

A gem of an erotic quality stainless steel.

The development of our products in the erotic toys has spawned a new form. This perfect fit and comfort are combined. The shape of a T-bar allows women and men alike, the use of this stimulating Analtoys. Worn with the move and even under pants, it is virtually invisible. Naturally, the 40 mm long bar (10 mm diameter) with the two 15 mm end balls move through individually.
from 56,00 EUR