loveball - balls TiN-Gold
balls 2 x 15 Silver
LP with pendant
2 x 20 mm balls TiN-Gold
Preview: loveball - balls TiN-Gold
Preview: balls 2 x 15 Silver
Preview: LP with pendant
Preview: 2 x 20 mm balls TiN-Gold
Trailer LP Ultimate
Mobile Preview: loveball - balls TiN-Gold
Mobile Preview: balls 2 x 15 Silver
Mobile Preview: LP with pendant
Mobile Preview: 2 x 20 mm balls TiN-Gold

Trailer LP Ultimate

ca. 3 - 10 days ca. 3 - 10 days  (abroad may vary)
15,00 EUR

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

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Exchange / Conversion


Since it is not easy to exchange used hygiene items, we offer conversion to a different size - depending on the model - for Ben-wa, love plug, love ball, anal ball, microstring, anal or vaginal bones, if you have problems with the selected size per ball 14 - 30 € + shipping to. We use the pendants (chains & ornaments / final balls) of the returned Ben-wa Loveplug / AnalBall for their new version. In this way, the risk of a bad buy is eliminated. We do not exchange trailers for reasons of hygiene.
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Glöckchen - Schelle

Bell - bell Ultimate System

The trailer with bells is a first for The chain (100 mm), which connects the Love plugin with the trailer, is making sure that the bell swings freely and accompanies each step with the sound of an angel.
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